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Do not believe, 5 ways to get pregnant quickly is just a myth

Generally, newly married couples want to quickly get offspring. To get pregnant quickly, many prospective parents are willing to do anything, including things that have not been proven true. Come on, find out how to get pregnant a lot of trusted, when in fact it is just a myth. Basically, pregnancy is influenced by several factors, such as the lifestyle that is lived, health conditions, hormonal balance, and weight of prospective parents. In addition, pregnancy can also be influenced by the age of the prospective mother and father. Myths about how to get pregnant fast Here are some myths about how to get pregnant quickly that have not been proven true: 1. Having sex every day The first myth that may be heard quite often is having sex every day can increase the chance of getting pregnant. Though this is not true, you know. In fact, having sex every day may not necessarily make you get pregnant fast. In some couples, sexual intercourse every day actually reduces the chances of p
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Is it safe to get appendicitis during pregnancy

Appendicitis or appendix inflammation can occur in everyone. Then what if the condition occurs in pregnant women? When this happens, pregnant women are advised to remain calm and wise in choosing treatment. Appendicitis inflammation can occur in pregnancy. This condition is caused by a bacterial infection in the appendix, so the intestine becomes inflamed. If you don't get treatment, appendicitis is at risk of rupture (rupture). Recognize the Symptoms and Diagnosis of Appendicitis Symptoms of appendicitis during pregnancy have similarities with common complaints in pregnancy, such as no appetite, nausea, and vomiting. But in pregnant women, pain in the lower right abdomen can be a prominent symptom if the appendix becomes inflamed. When pregnant women experience lower right abdominal pain, you should immediately check with your obstetrician. The doctor will conduct an examination to ascertain the conditions that are pregnant. At the age of the first and second trimester, ul

Is it true that low hCG levels during pregnancy are a sign of miscarriage

Human chorionic gonadotropin (hCG) hormone level is one of the things that doctors examine to control health in pregnancy. If the hCG level is low, it could be an early sign of miscarriage. Is that right? Come on, check the facts! The hormone hCG is produced by the placenta during pregnancy. This hormone level can be checked through a blood test, or detected in urine using a testpack. This hormone plays a role so that the body continues to produce progesterone which prevents the menstrual process, so that the pregnancy is protected. HCG Hormone Levels During Pregnancy Under normal conditions, hCG levels in urine are less than 5 mIU / ml. Whereas a woman who is positively pregnant has hCG levels of more than 25 mIU / ml. In a healthy pregnancy, hCG levels double every 2-3 days during the first trimester of pregnancy. The level of hCG in pregnant women that drops dramatically in the first trimester within a period of 2-3 days, after 2 examinations, can mean a miscarriage will occu